September 23, 2011

St. Francis Preview

Game time- Saturday, September 24 at 7:00 pm. DeGol Field at Loretto seats 3,500. Photo courtesy of St. Francis Athletics

Friday, September 23, 2011
The Duquesne Dukes have played the team from Ft. Francis more often by far than any other team in our football history in a series that began before World War I. According to the College Football data Warehouse, Duquesne won that first game in 1913 by a score of 19-0 and would win all but 6 of the next 37. Duquesne fans seem to have developed a special relationship with the Red Flash (or as we lovingly call them the "Frankies") almost akin to them being our little brothers. We root for them to win every game they play except, of course, when they play Duquesne.

But like any good little brother, they aren't supposed to win when they play big brother. If they do, it can be traumatic to our psyche. It throws our vision of our place in the football universe into a tailspin. As recent as last year, I remember being upset with our family member from St. Francis when they pulled out of playing basketball against Duquesne for taking away for sure a D-I opponent win. It forced us to play a game against a D-II opponent to get the "gimme".

I can remember thinking that when we last played in Loretto under the lights that this would be a W on our schedule.

I was wrong… hurray for the underdog… little brother finally landed one square on the jaw of their domineering big brother by a score of 31-14. The game wasn't even that close.

After two years of therapy, I'm finally ok with being blown away at St. Francis. I've actually have a new found respect for our brothers just to the east. In fact, I'm even proud of them to a point that the Dukes now must take them seriously and bring their best or the same thing will happen. This is actually better for both teams. I know that some of the coaching staff are nervous, but with a nervousness that forces the anxiety to be well prepared. Hopefully Duquesne fans will make the very enjoyable and scenic, less than 2 hour drive, to see a great game.

Good luck brother… bring your best to this family feud and we hope you win all the other games on your schedule but this one!

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